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I don’t know about you but I have a hard time dreaming of a million dollars, so trying to become a millionaire

Success Without College
You’re On Your Way To A Six Figure Income

almost seems impossible. —- This is what the Unsuccessful person would say. The highly dedicated and downright motivated person would say

“I don’t care if others think being rich is not for everybody because I know what it takes to be successful without ever going to school”.

If you can learn the secrets of success you will understand that not only do you not have to go to institutions of higher learning but you can make alot money right now and become extremely successful with no college. Now I will not say that it will be easy, because anything worth having is worth working for, But with a little self help training, some motivation and inspiration you can bet your bottom dollar that you’re on your way to riches.

With our four key secrets you’ll have the basis to making money and becoming one of those successful people without a college degree.

1. Motivation- If you are not motivated to work for money then that’s ok for now because you might be down on yourself because you have hit a road block, or you are unsure where to start or you are downright lazy and you need an outside source to provide motivation. if this is your case then don’t worry, as long as you LEARN to get motivated to work hard you will soon become obsessed over how easy it is to be successful in life.

2. Time- No folks time is not on your side, plain and simple don’t expect to make mad money and you are super late all the time. Life does not work like that the victorious way of thinking is to get everything done today so tomorrow you can bask in the glory of your accomplishments(i.e. profits. etc, etc). Or you can rest and take it easy. or one again you can be victorious and use the next day to get even more work done. hmmmm its up to you to use 24 hours and make the most of it, Listen people you will only be as successful as the Time and effort you put into whatever it is you are trying to succeed at.

3.Common Sense- I almost didn’t put this one because i did not want to discourage anybody, but you all know me by now and “I Like To Keep It Real”. Ok, if you don’t understand killing two birds with one stone I will now break down that concept for you. Example- You are in the Military flying a bomber (go USAF) and you are engaged in combat, you have the capacity to take out multiple enemies but because you were not thinking, or lack of training you use your reaming ammo to only take down one enemy. Well that reaming enemy realizes you are out of ammo and attacks you….. Do you get my point. You have to think get result. You Don’t have to be book smart but you should be, as I like to call it “street smart”.

4.Optimistic- You have to be a believer in yourself . You have to believe you can achieve. You have to tune out negative information. You have to Have faith when you set goals. You have to stay positive and look past today. What do i mean when I say look past today? That just mean you have to have small goals and big goals if you are stuck at a small goal today don’t let that stop you from fighting to reach your large goals.

If you follow these rules you will soon see how easy it is to be successful without even going to school. Im sure you can make a List of successful people without college degrees,yet for some reason everyday young brilliant high school graduates are forced to go to college because they do not understand how easy it is to get wealthy on your own.

Its clear to see that most people who do not have a college degree dress for success with more will power than those with degrees pursuing millionaire status. its like this, im sure that a drunk college girl will have the same chance at becoming a millionaire as most normal non drinking college girls. College is a place to get education and enlightenment, but not the mentality needed to become successful in the business world. Im not against college but you can definitely believe that the time you spend listening to the poor person teaching your class and giving the boring lecture, you could be busy setting the stage for you financial freedom. I dont reccomend becoming a drunk college girl but college girls in general and men are only as successful as they want to be. Please listen to me an open your eyes, there are multiple ways to become a rich millionaire and be successful without ever attending college or getting a degree.



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